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Aqina Farm

About Aqina Farm

"Proper farmers with mud on our boots, we’ve been raising chickens and planting pineapples for over 30 years in Malaysia. Aqina Farm's mission is to provide fresh and healthier food choices that delight the whole family. Unashamedly passionate about agriculture, we always choose the most sound way to produce our food – ensuring the healthiest and most delicious fresh produce for our consumers.

But over the years, we have grown to learn that we have the power to do so much more. Beyond ensuring the quality of food from our farm to your table, we realised the importance of taking care of our farmers and communities. Caring for the soil and wildlife on our land, as well as the other growers and makers in our community, became the heart of everything we do."

Why Aqina Farm?

Aqina's chickens are raised in compliance with MyGap and Mesti standard. They have also obtained MyOrganic certification for their products. Chickens from Aqina's Farm have no antibiotic residue, and free from hormone that are commonly used in conventional poultry.

They are the only farm that feeds the chickens with the unique digestive enzyme Bromelain, extracted from premium MD2 Pineapples.

Benefits of Bromelain:

  • Unique acid resistance properties that promote efficient absorption of nutrients
  • Anti-inflammatory properties that stimulate growth, boost their immunity and improve health.

They are serious and careful about our chicken feed. Only the best raw material of food grade soy, corn, wheat, bran are used.

To ensure happy and healthy chickens, they use natural bio-based compunds such as:

  • Actigen : functions to bind pathogen from raw feed ingredients.
  • Lacto-Sacc- Functions to promote healthy gut; hence better immune system.

Use of bio-based compounds above will results in:

  • Better conversion of good quality protein in chicken meat
  • Reduce amount of fat intake by the chicken
  • Assurance of zero antibiotic growth promoter compound